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Al Ain is the Garden City of the United Arab Emirates. This oasis city is located next to the Omani city of Buramik. The city is known for its mix of modern and pre-modern buildings. The city of Al Ain is famous for its attractive green spaces and wonderful parks. This city is also popular for its interesting ancient heritage sites and museums. The city has a hot desert climate, characterized by long, extremely hot summers and hot winters.

Al Jimmy Mall, Al Ain Mall and Al Bawdi Mall are the three shopping malls.  Al Ain also has various shopping areas including the city center area. Al Ain Mall Close to the city center, it is the largest mall and features an ice-skating rink and a children's play area as well as a cinema that shows new releases. The city has a large zoo and safari park which is quite popular among the visiting tourists.

Additionally, the park offers kayaking and rafting facilities on the artificial river.  It is residence to a major festival of classical music and is home to the Al Ain Football Club. There are many cafes in Al-Ain in size and quality.  The city also has an international standard go-kart circuit. There are two English language radio stations in the city.

The city is linked to Al Faqa and Dubai by the Dubai-Al-Ain Road in the north, which also connects to Al Madam in the Emirate of Sharjah via Al-Shawaib. It is also related to Abu Dhabi to the west, Al-Quy to the southeast, and Mejad to the southwest.  Bus and taxi services are available in these areas. The southern border region of Mejad is located in Oman along the road to Dhak, Ibri and Nizwa. The city's airport (Al Ain International Airport) has scheduled passenger flights to Egypt, Pakistan and India.

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