COVID 19 Impact on Expo 2020 Dubai

COVID-19 Impact on Expo 2020 Dubai

15 Apr 2020 |Covid-19 Impact on the Middle East

COVID-19 epidemic shaking the world, as Dubai stands, with Expo 2020 at the door, compared to this unexpected global challenge.

“The Expo 2020 Dubai slogan: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future - Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.”

According to the organizers, Expo 2020 Dubai, which will open in late October, remains "on track" even in the face of the current coronavirus epidemic. They work intensively with local authorities and the Paris International Exhibition Office as the situation develops, a spokesman said in a statement.

It is therefore confirmed that all the planning and preparations for Expo 2020 Dubai remain on track.

The Expo is expected to attract millions of visitors and show Dubai as a global destination. The economy of the region needs this flywheel more than ever. The largest commercial and financial centre in the Middle East has recently gone through difficult years due to the drop in oil revenues, with property prices falling by around a third since 2014 and it's vital tourism industry which struggles to grow. In 2018, the economy grew by only 1.9%, the weakest growth in almost a decade.

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in planning important events, especially in Europe and across Asia, with major government meetings and sporting events such as Formula 1 and the Olympics.

The Expo spokesman said in a statement in early March about the difficult situation that the world is facing today. The health and well-being of everyone who visits and works at Expo 2020 Dubai is very important to us. The number of cases in the UAE is currently low, but government authorities remain vigilant by constantly monitoring the situation and adopting solid precautionary and preventive measures necessary to contain the spread of the virus ".

The main theme of Expo 2020 Dubai is the necessary step towards a more sustainable economy and society. Jeremy Rifkin believe that the origin of 5G, which will determine the rapid development of the true IoT (Internet-of-Things), will allow the world to try to take the path towards a possible version of the zero-marginal-cost society. In terms which define our future governed by "Collaborative Commons", a company where everything we have owned up to now will instead be shared and specially produced in a way that approaches "marginal cost zero".

In his vision, Rifkin imagines that investor-based capitalism, which concentrates resources to generate almost immediate returns, will inevitably be replaced by simplified capitalism based on distributed network (and here technology that will allow this is the software we now call BLOCKCHAIN), along with a sharing economy governed by a high-tech global common good. Rifkin says that these changes will occur in the next 40 years or so unless they are interrupted (or accelerated) by the exponentially increasing dangers representing climate change and the extinction of living species. While he says it is possible that the COVID-19 epidemic could represent this event which, taking advantage of Expo 2020 Dubai, allows the acceleration of the new form of capitalism.

Glimpse on Expo 2020 Dubai – Expo 2020 is World Expo that is soon going to be held in Dubai within the United Arab Emirates. This world Expo is a mega international event in terms of size, scale and duration. It is a platform where people from all over the world come together and connect with each other, as well as share their ideas. The Expo 2020 Dubai is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East and hosted by the Arab Nation.