How UAE is Fighting COVID 19 with Blockchain Technology and Digital Identity

How UAE is Fighting COVID-19 with Blockchain Technology and Digital Identity!

16 Apr 2020 |Covid-19 Impact on the Middle East

Now UAE uses the Blockchain Technology and Digital Identity to ensure the safety of its citizen at the time of this global pandemic COVID-19.

At the time of this continuous coronavirus pandemic, the UAE’s MOCD (Ministry of Community Development) has turned toward utilizing digital channels for government services. The MOCD department declared about this digital channel that depends on the application of digital identity by citizens, Blockchain systems, and chat systems to accomplish the requests.

While the MOCD has stated that it has stopped getting paper documentation collectively by its customer happiness centres and now it’s accepting the approved digital documents, to encourage citizens to use the digital methods.

UAE’s Minister of Community Development ‘Hessa Essa Buhumaid’ said in a statement that “this step confirms the ministry’s commitment to ensure the continuity and resilience of all government services in light of the directives of the smart government to reduce the spread of this COVID-19”.

Meanwhile, the main aim of this digital mode is to prevent the citizens from attending government offices and service centres and the main factor this all works remotely. In terms, the citizens can use the UAE Pass App that offers national digital solutions produced by Smart Dubai, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority.

The recent report by the Emirates News Agency stated that the MOCD has been utilizing Blockchain for digital authentication of official documents and others. At present, the ministry will deliver services by its website and smart applications, along with extra support through telephone and email. The process makes easy to enable smartphone-based confirmation of the user and allow them to e-sign document papers.

UAE has been confident on its DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) along with its various projects over different sectors in the country. In a bid of the statement, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) uses a Blockchain platform for the collection of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare data and it is adopting this digital channel for the health worker credential checks. Meanwhile, some of the Real Estate Developers has also started the use of this Blockchain Technology to offers a handy payment method.

So, what’s exactly this Blockchain Technology?

We all are living in the digital technology era, where everything can be managed by technology and digital transitions. First of all, let us know about the Blockchain and how it works.

No Doubt, Blockchain Technology is the best discovery of this internet era, which allows value exchange without the need for trust or central authority. You have already heard of the Bitcoins, the most known and discussed application of the Blockchain Technology. It is a digital currency that offers exchange of products and services, and for the first time in the era, it offered a unique piece of digital currency that can be transferred.

This cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology system allows a group of a connected system to maintain the single updated and secure ledger. To achieve transactions on this technology you need a wallet that allows you to store and exchange your cryptocurrency and of course, it is protected with a special cryptographic method.