Why Real Estate is the Best Investment Option

Why Real Estate is the Best Investment Option?

29 Apr 2020 |Dubai Property Investment

Life is measurable and the time is too, so why not to plan for the future with the Real Estate Investment opportunity that provides you with a better yield and the great ROI choices. At the time of this COVID-19 outbreak, the market is collapsed at world level, but you have a chance to get assured with the great investment opportunity that offers you better deal with the real estate market.

Things will get better over time and your investment too, as the real estate option offers you a passive income and can be a good long term investment. You can have a risk free option compared to the stock market and it does not require any special skill and besides provide you with a solid roof over your head of generations to come.

Today the market of real estate investment has emerged as the most profitable investment option that offers you an exact choice of growth and stability as you have ever dreamed of. While investing in real estate is no longer an expensive task or a complicated process as the introduction of the government policies that easily offers you a mortgage or home loan options.

Why Dubai is a 2nd Safe Home?

When it comes to the investment option, Dubai plays safe bets in terms of Real Estate Investment offering second home space. As a fact, UAE’s policies and strategies were behind this achievement in making the country one of the safest place in the world. When it comes to buying property, safety and crime levels are major consideration of concern and Dubai fulfils it all with its advance technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Dubai attracts investment from all over the world, and it's being counted as the main dominant industries accounting for its GDP growth. While the property prices have declined over the past years, which offers to make investment more affordable and attractive for the buyers and investors. The UAE has a thriving and diverse population, with 80% of people being expatriates, those settled due to its outstanding opportunity and amazing facility experience.

Here are some of the terms that make it the Best

Safest Place and Best Rated Government

The UAE has been ranked as the first rated country with its safe places and best-rated government that offers a crime-free environment where you can feel safe. According to a serve, 98.6 per cent of the citizens feel secure and safe even at night as it offers world-class security and management services with the help of its advance technology system.

Long Term Residency Visa and 100% Foreign Ownership of Business

With its new laws and regulation, UAE now offers 100% ownership and long term residency visa to its foreign investors. While the entrepreneurs and the business persons can be benefited with its business incubator in the country. The full foreign ownership in the UAE comes with the long term visa along with encouragement for investors and skilled professionals by providing positive boast to the country real estate sector.

Robust Health Care Mandated Health Insurance

Dubai offers best in class health care services and mandatory health insurance for all its citizen. This means that without the health insurance you will not get a residence visa, as it is advised to get good health insurance as it mounts quickly during a health-related crisis. While the Dubai employees get an insurance package after the Dubai Health Insurance Law came into action.

Diversified Economy and Strategically Well Location

The UAE offers a diversified economy with its open economies to the world, welcoming business and trade and continue to be a strategic hub with its best business-friendly free zones. While UAE is the second-largest Arab economy and belongs to high-income countries in the world and In-fact has gone through a hypothetical stage. With its vision to transform the economy into more skill-intensive and diversified, it works best on its advancement and technology levels.