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Strategically located in the eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - Cyprus is a safe haven blessed with beautiful nature, year-round sunshine, modern infrastructure, a high standard of living and a culture of genuine warmth and hospitality. Fully compliant with EU laws and regulations, Cyprus’s simple and transparent tax system is one of the most attractive in Europe. 

Its modern legal system, based on English Common Law, is widely recognized as being effective and business-friendly. The modern, competitive and simple business environment coupled with a high quality of life make Cyprus an ideal place for both visitors and investors.

Cyprus Projects

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Euro 795,000
Ayia Napa Marina

Ayia Napa Marina

Cyprus, Europe

Ayia Napa Marina, located on the southeastern coastline of Cyprus, offers comfortable residences, first-class yachting amenities, a assortment of reta ...

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