Pantheon Properties

Founded in 1994, New York-headquartered Pantheon Properties has emerged as one of the leading full-service developers of industrial, commercial/office, and multi-family projects.

Pantheon Properties has diverse capabilities which include the acquisition, management and development of new building projects, land, and rehabilitation opportunities in New Jersey and the New York metro area.

Pantheon Properties' broad-based expertise in real estate underscores our flexibility and value as a partner for our JV-partners, tenants, and investors. Over the past decade, we have successfully built an excellent reputation for identifying opportunities and creating value in a variety of real estate ventures and locations for our own account as well as third-parties. Our broker relationships, quality of construction management, and scrupulous attention to the needs of the tenant, community, and environment are unsurpassed.

Our leadership manifests itself in many ways, particularly in our commitment to partnership, outstanding breadth of services and delivery of optimal return on investment. Above all, Pantheon Properties prides itself on executing our strategic plan with integrity in every transaction, interaction and approach to new projects.

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