Me'aisem First


16.00 KM2


1111.00 KM2


18233 KM2

About Me'aisem First

Me'aisem First is a community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has a good selection of luxurious villas and contemporary residences. Placed in the heart of Dubai, the community inspires a new set of lifestyles. Each apartment also includes a balcony that offers panoramic views. It has facilities such as Day and night security, maintenance crew, valet parking, an outdoor swimming pool, concierge services, a health club, yoga room, multipurpose hall and treatment rooms.

Also in the neighborhood are several parks, restaurants and cafes with office and retail spaces. The area offers facilities such as a local hospital, shopping hub, first-class schools, high-class restaurants and nightclubs within easy reach. The mall offers convenient amenities such as the Carrefour hypermarket, banking services, beauty salons, fitness and mobile operators, and popular outlets such as Magic Planet, top fashion and lifestyle brands."Being located in an investment-friendly development, it attracts a lot of attention.  Most importantly, its proximity to major landmarks makes it a viable destination of choice. Located near some major landmarks, this community exudes a renewed sense of independence.

Transportation means include cars, taxis and metro, etc.

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