Nadd Hessa


8.00 KM2


4609.00 KM2


39131 KM2

About Nadd Hessa

Nadd Hessa is a suburban neighborhood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has a beautiful mix of homes including apartments and villas. It is a lovely mixed-use neighborhood, which fulfils the desired housing need for a large section of the city dwellers including expatriates and locals. This is a neighborhood that values families and offers the ideal mix between safety and comfort. Located not far from the city, the neighborhood has shops, schools, nurseries and more. Retail outlets, dining spaces, fitness centers and healthcare - everything is close to residential complexes. A well-connected neighborhood, located near some famous landmarks, the community lives up to the expectations of all. A family-friendly community strikes the right balance in terms of comfort and safety.

The neighborhood of Nadd Hessa in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, is renowned as a family-friendly destination and is endowed with some of the best facilities and services. The neighborhood lives up to everyone's expectations as a well-connected area close to some major monuments. The community which is created with the needs and preferences of both local people and visitors in mind offers a new perspective on lifestyle.

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