Akoya Fresh Villas Summary

By Damac Properties   |     Akoya Oxygen

AED 999,999

  • Property Type: Villa
  • Bedroom: 3 bedroom villas
  • Size: 1698 to 1721 square feet
  • DownPayment: 24%
  • Payment Plan: Attractive plan
  • Handover: Feb - 2020
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Akoya Fresh Villas Overview

In a vibrant and uncluttered environment, Akoya Fresh Villas has launched the prestigious residential project at the Akoya Oxygen Golf Complex. The design of the villas is superb and completely covered with a fertile atmosphere. The project contains 328 magnificent villas consisting of 3 bedrooms covered in an area of ​​1698 to 1721 square feet

These homes are specifically designed with luxurious amenities, and quiet surroundings. The Damac Akoya Fresh Apartments feature state-of-the-art amenities and modern amenities, featuring an eclectic lifestyle and a comfortable lifestyle. People can enjoy a wide living in these homes with many attractive features.

The stylish and vibrant interiors complement this beautiful location. The artistic and colorful outdoor areas, gardens, and entertainment facilities allow you to live a stunning lifestyle in Damac Akoya Fresh

Feature & Amenities

Akoya Fresh Villas is located at the leading golf complex, one of Dubai's most promising areas. Away from the bustle of the city. This community is decorated with a tranquil atmosphere, isolated from the pace of busy city life. The appropriate location for these houses allows easy access to the Dubai street network.

Shopping, Dining, Explore

Vista Lux is a luxury hospitality destination on the top of Okinawa Oxygen. Located next to the Trump World Golf Club, it is a great place to shop, eat and entertain under one roof. The development of crystal lakes, dance fountains, decorative lights and distinctive comfort makes it a favorite spot in Dubai.

International Golf Course

Akoya Fresh Villas is in a great location and is designed as an elite golf course. Designed by a living legend Tiger Woods, this stadium is known as one of the most interesting tracks in the world. It was created next to the club, close to the extensive shops and world-class restaurants. It's amazing to have around your home these places


Payment Plan

Price List
Prices of the 3 bedroom villas are listed below.

Middle Type (RR-M)
Starts from AED 999,999 without the 5 year service charge
AED 1,050,000 with the 5 year service charge
Ground Floor - 462.67 Sq Ft
First Floor - 606.06 Sq Ft
Balcony / terrace & external covered area - 476.61 Sq Ft
Covered Garage - 175.67 Sq Ft
Total Area - 1,696.03 Sq Ft
Inner Corner (RR-EM)
Starts from AED 1,200,000 without the 5 year service charge
AED 1,250,000 with the 5 year service charge
Ground Floor - 469.25 Sq Ft
First Floor - 599.47 Sq Ft
Balcony / terrace & external covered area - 464.60 Sq Ft
Covered Garage - 162.71 Sq Ft
Total Area - 1,721.00 Sq Ft
Corner Type (RR-EE)
Starts from AED 1,350,000 without the 5 year service charge
AED 1,400,000 with the 5 year service charge
Ground Floor - 469.25 Sq Ft
First Floor - 599.47 Sq Ft
Balcony / terrace & external covered area - 464.60 Sq Ft
Covered Garage - 162.71 Sq Ft
Total Area - 1,721.00 Sq Ft
Payment Plan
Damac Properties has proposed an interesting and affordable plan for the project of Akoya Fresh Villas. It is offered with simple and flexible installments that will make it effortless to own a home in this community.

Installment %                                                         date
Down payment Advance payment (20% deposit + 4% Dubai Land RegistrationFee)immediately
The first installment is5%

in 180 days

The second installment is10%in 300 days
The third installment is 10%in 540 days
The fourth installment is10%in 630 days
The fifth installment is10%in 720 days
The sixth installment is10%in 900 days
The seventh installment is25%at completion


Location Map

Location & Connectivity

Located 20 minutes from the city center and has access to the three main roads.

The project provides an exceptional connection to its residents, although it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Master Plan

Developments & Neighborhoods

Damac Akoya Fresh  Villas has extensive accommodation in the 55 million square foot master plan. Accompanied by Luxe Vista, Trump World Golf Course, and other wonderful institutions, this community is designed exclusively for elite class, nature lovers, and athletes. The OCA oxygen master plan is implemented with business centers, shopping complexes, corporate offices, and other facilities required by civil society.


Floor Plan

Floor Plan  Property Type
VillaType-RR-EE VillaType-RR-EE
VillaType-RR-EM VillaType-RR-EM
VillaType-RR-M VillaType-RR-M

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