Quad Homes Townhouses - Features & Amenities

Features & Amenities

In the Quad Home community at Sobha Hartland, your home is magnificently spread across 3 floors and more than 3300 square feet. Each of the four large bedrooms on the first and second floors provides a personal haven from the rest of the rooms. And with each home crosswise arranged from its neighbor, you will indulge in extra privacy both indoors and outdoors.

Crammed with four bedrooms, a maid’s room, plus 12 other spaces, every division of your home provides you the most and extreme. That means en-suite bathrooms and balconies with every bedroom, private lift, stunning sky light, plus his and her walk-in closet.

Specifications Highlights:
  • 27 Units
  • Sizes from 3,233 to 3,303
  • Starting Price: AED 5,337,940.00
  • Private Elevator
  • All 4 bedrooms en-suite bathrooms
  • All Bedrooms with private balcony
  • Corner Unit with Extra AED 45 / Sq ft. premium