Quad Homes Townhouses - Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Prices start at Dh5.3 million

Payment Plan 50% is payable during construction, a further 10% on completion and a further 40% over the next two years. Homes will commence handover by the end of 2018.

Payment Plan Installment Milesone
10%Booking AmountPre-registration fees and related service fees to be paid at the same time
10%1st Installment3 Months from Booking
10%2nd Installment6 Months from Booking or Completion of first-floor slab – whichever is later
10%3rd Installment9 Months from Booking or Completion of Blockwork – whichever is later
10%4th Installment12 Months from Booking or Completion of Plastering – whichever is later
10%5th InstallmentOn Completion
10%6th Installment6 Months from Completion
10%7th Installment12 Months from Completion
10%8th Installment18 Months from Completion
10%Final Payment24 Months from Completion