• DownPayment: 10%
  • Payment Plan: 50/50 Plan
  • Handover: Q4 - 2019
  • Bedroom: Offering 1/2/3 Bedroom
  • Size: Sizes from 738 Sqft To 1,736 sqft
  • Starting From: AED 1,179,920 Only

District One Residences - MBR City

Introducing District One Residences by Meydan Sobha, very unique 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments situated in low and mid-rise towers. Spanning four to sixteen storeys from the ground up boasting stunning views of the Crystal Lagoon, Downtown Dubai Skyline, and Meydan One.

Situated in low and mid-ascent towers straddling four to sixteen stories starting from the earliest stage, these current front line homes washed in the regular light spilling through the roof to floor windows, offer fabulous all-encompassing perspectives of the Crystal Lagoon, Downtown Dubai Skyline, and Meydan One.

These homes make the ideal feeling for a customized living and transform each day into a festival of the amazing. Regardless of whether you're searching for sees that blow your mind, the comfortable solace of a home covered in rich greenery or essentially your very own position by the gleaming Crystal Lagoon – you're certain to locate your optimal home at District One Residences.

Feature & Amenities

District One Residences is a gated community nestled amidst picturesque surroundings with world-class family-friendly amenities right at your doorsteps.

District one feature:
  • 7 km Crystal Lagoon
  • 14km Pristine Shoreline
  • 26 million sqft Greenery
  • 8.4km Cycling & Running Track
  • Meydan One Mall
  • Nursery and School
  • Community Clubhouses


Payment Plan

District One Residences offering 1/2/3 Bedroom Apartments, Book with just 10% as Down Payment with Easy Installment 50/50 Payment Plan.

Installment Percentage(%) Milestones
Down Payment10%On Booking
1st Installment5%After 20% Construction Completed
2nd Installment5%After 30% Construction Completed
3rd Installment10%After 40% Construction Completed
4th Installment10%After 50% Construction Completed
5th Installment10%After 60% Construction Completed
Final Installment50%On completion


Location Map

Location Features

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District One is just minutes from a significant number of Dubai's superlative attractions, points of interest and transport join. Region One is nearby to celebrated recreation luxuries, for example, the Meydan Racecourse and Grandstand, The Track, Meydan Golf, a 9-hole floodlit fairway, the 5-star extravagance Meydan Hotel and destined to be urbanized, Meydan One Mall. Region One's genuinely restrictive area and way of life guarantee its inhabitants a plenty of striking and unmistakable encounters.

Master Plan


Turn into an individual from Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District One, a headway of life group at a one of a kind area that accompanies a plenty of striking and unmistakable experiences.

While being minutes from a significant number of Dubai's reality class attractions and milestones, it is appropriate nearby to a portion of the world's finest recreation offices, including the Meydan Racecourse and Grandstand; The Track Meydan Golf, a 9-opening floodlit green; The Meydan Hotel, a 5-star extravagance track-side inn; and the forthcoming Meydan One Mall.


Floor Plan

Floor Plan  Property Type Floor Plan
1bd-U01-1050sqft 1bd-U01-1050sqft View  
1bd-U01-738sqft 1bd-U01-738sqft View  
1bd-U01-768sqft 1bd-U01-768sqft View  
1bd-U01-769sqft 1bd-U01-769sqft View  
1bd-U01-792sqft 1bd-U01-792sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-1-768sqft 1bd-U01-L-1-768sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-2to6-738sqft 1bd-U01-L-2to6-738sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-3-738sqft 1bd-U01-L-3-738sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-4-738sqft 1bd-U01-L-4-738sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-4to12-738sqft 1bd-U01-L-4to12-738sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-5to16-738sqft 1bd-U01-L-5to16-738sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-Gr-1050sqft 1bd-U01-L-Gr-1050sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-Gr-1050sqft 1bd-U01-L-Gr-1050sqft View  
1bd-U01-L-Ground-1050sqft 1bd-U01-L-Ground-1050sqft View  
1bd-U01-L3to8-738sqft 1bd-U01-L3to8-738sqft View  
1bd-U02-1142sqft 1bd-U02-1142sqft View  
1bd-U02-738sqft 1bd-U02-738sqft View  
1bd-U02-781sqft 1bd-U02-781sqft View  
1bd-U02-L-1-1736sqft 1bd-U02-L-1-1736sqft View  
1bd-U02-L-2to6-738sqft 1bd-U02-L-2to6-738sqft View  
1bd-U02-L-4-738sqft 1bd-U02-L-4-738sqft View  
1bd-U02-L-4to12-738sqft 1bd-U02-L-4to12-738sqft View  
1bd-U02-L-4to12-738sqft 1bd-U02-L-4to12-738sqft View  
1bd-U02-L-5to16-738sqft 1bd-U02-L-5to16-738sqft View  
1bd-U02-L-Ground-1142sqft 1bd-U02-L-Ground-1142sqft View  
1bd-U02-L3to8-738sqft 1bd-U02-L3to8-738sqft View  
1bd-U03-768sqft 1bd-U03-768sqft View  
1bd-U03-769sqft 1bd-U03-769sqft View  
1bd-U03-L-1-1262sqft 1bd-U03-L-1-1262sqft View  
1bd-U03-L-1to4-769sqft 1bd-U03-L-1to4-769sqft View  
1bd-U03-L-2to6-738sqft 1bd-U03-L-2to6-738sqft View  
1bd-U03-L-4-1164sqft 1bd-U03-L-4-1164sqft View  
1bd-U03-L-4to12-738sqft 1bd-U03-L-4to12-738sqft View  
1bd-U03-L-5to16-738sqft 1bd-U03-L-5to16-738sqft View  
1bd-U03-L3to8-738sqft 1bd-U03-L3to8-738sqft View  
1bd-U04-738sqft 1bd-U04-738sqft View  
1bd-U04-L-1-738sqft 1bd-U04-L-1-738sqft View  
1bd-U04-L-1to2-738sqft 1bd-U04-L-1to2-738sqft View  
1bd-U04-L-1to3-738sqft 1bd-U04-L-1to3-738sqft View  
1bd-U04-L-2to6-738sqft 1bd-U04-L-2to6-738sqft View  
1bd-U04-L-4to12-738sqft 1bd-U04-L-4to12-738sqft View  
1bd-U04-L-5to16-738sqft 1bd-U04-L-5to16-738sqft View  
1bd-U04-L3to8-738sqft 1bd-U04-L3to8-738sqft View  
1bd-U05-1050sqft 1bd-U05-1050sqft View  
1bd-U05-738sqft 1bd-U05-738sqft View  
1bd-U05-L-1-738sqft 1bd-U05-L-1-738sqft View  
1bd-U05-L-1-738sqft 1bd-U05-L-1-738sqft View  
1bd-U05-L-1to2-738sqft 1bd-U05-L-1to2-738sqft View  
1bd-U05-L-1to4-769sqft 1bd-U05-L-1to4-769sqft View  
1bd-U05-L-2to6-768sqft 1bd-U05-L-2to6-768sqft View  
1bd-U05-L-4to12-1164sqft 1bd-U05-L-4to12-1164sqft View  
1bd-U05-L-Gr-1050sqft 1bd-U05-L-Gr-1050sqft View  
1bd-U05-L-Gr-1050sqft 1bd-U05-L-Gr-1050sqft View  
1bd-U05-L3to8-768sqft 1bd-U05-L3to8-768sqft View  
1bd-U06-1050sqft 1bd-U06-1050sqft View  
1bd-U06-738sqft 1bd-U06-738sqft View  
1bd-U06-L-1to4-781sqft 1bd-U06-L-1to4-781sqft View  
1bd-U06-L-2to6-1736sqft 1bd-U06-L-2to6-1736sqft View  
1bd-U06-L-3-738sqft 1bd-U06-L-3-738sqft View  
1bd-U06-L-4-738sqft 1bd-U06-L-4-738sqft View  
1bd-U06-L-Gr-1050sqft 1bd-U06-L-Gr-1050sqft View  
1bd-U06-L-Gr-708sqft 1bd-U06-L-Gr-708sqft View  
1bd-U06-L-Ground-1050sqft 1bd-U06-L-Ground-1050sqft View  
1bd-U07-738sqft 1bd-U07-738sqft View  
1bd-U07-L-1to4-792sqft 1bd-U07-L-1to4-792sqft View  
1bd-U07-L-3-738sqft 1bd-U07-L-3-738sqft View  
1bd-U07-L-4-738sqft 1bd-U07-L-4-738sqft View  
1bd-U08-741sqft 1bd-U08-741sqft View  
1bd-U08-L-2to6-738sqft 1bd-U08-L-2to6-738sqft View  
1bd-U08-L-3-742sqft 1bd-U08-L-3-742sqft View  
1bd-U08-L-4-742sqft 1bd-U08-L-4-742sqft View  
1bd-U08-L-4to12-738sqft 1bd-U08-L-4to12-738sqft View  
1bd-U08-L-5to16-738sqft 1bd-U08-L-5to16-738sqft View  
1bd-U08-L3to8-738sqft 1bd-U08-L3to8-738sqft View  
1bd-U09-L-2to6-738sqft 1bd-U09-L-2to6-738sqft View  
1bd-U09-L-4to12-738sqft 1bd-U09-L-4to12-738sqft View  
1bd-U09-L-5to16-738sqft 1bd-U09-L-5to16-738sqft View  
1bd-U09-L3to8-738sqft 1bd-U09-L3to8-738sqft View  
1bd-U10-L-2to6-741sqft 1bd-U10-L-2to6-741sqft View  
1bd-U10-L-4to12-742sqft 1bd-U10-L-4to12-742sqft View  
1bd-U10-L-5to16-742sqft 1bd-U10-L-5to16-742sqft View  
1bd-U10-L3to8-741sqft 1bd-U10-L3to8-741sqft View  
1bd-U11-L-2to6-734sqft 1bd-U11-L-2to6-734sqft View  
1bd-U11-L-4to12-738sqft 1bd-U11-L-4to12-738sqft View  
1bd-U11-L-5to16-738sqft 1bd-U11-L-5to16-738sqft View  
1bd-U11-L3to8-734sqft 1bd-U11-L3to8-734sqft View  
1bd-U12-L-2to6-738sqft 1bd-U12-L-2to6-738sqft View  
1bd-U12-L3to8-738sqft 1bd-U12-L3to8-738sqft View  
G+12-L-1st-to-2nd-1&2bdsqft G+12-L-1st-to-2nd-1&2bdsqft View  
G+12-L-3rd-1&2bd G+12-L-3rd-1&2bd View  
G+12-L-4th&12th-1&2bd G+12-L-4th&12th-1&2bd View  
G+12-L-G-1&2bd G+12-L-G-1&2bd View  

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