Abu Dhabi

About Abu Dhabi

The town of Abu Dhabi is in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, adjoining the Persian Gulf. It is on an island much less than 250 metres (820 ft) from the mainland and is joined to the mainland through the Maqta and Mussafah Bridges. Recognized as one of the most secure towns on earth, Abu Dhabi's virtually crime-free surroundings and well-organized emergency services ensure peace of thought and a comfortable stay. It has a warm desert climate.  Sunny blue skies may be expected all through the year.

In the dense areas, most of the attention is achieved with medium- and high-rise buildings. There are many super tall skyscrapers throughout the city.  It is home to international and local private schools and universities, including the government. Abu Dhabi is home to international, private schools and universities, including the government-sponsored Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, INSEAD, Higher College of Technology and New York Film Academy, etc. These boast various languages that make up the population of the city. Cricket and football are popular in Abu Dhabi. The city hosts several international cricket tournaments and four football stadiums.

It is served by Abu Dhabi International Airport; Port Zayed is a major shipping hub and the emirate's main cargo port. Abu Dhabi International Airport is the city's major aviation hub and the second busiest airport withinside the United Arab Emirates. Public transport systems include public buses, taxis, ferries, and hydroplanes. Street taxis are easily recognized. There are many ports in the Emirates.  One port is Zayed and the other is Musaffa Port and Khalifa Port etc. for easy transportation.

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