Dubai Location

Al Bada

Total Area : 1.99 KM2

Density : 28887 Per KM2

Al Bada is located in West Dubai with many tourist attractions. It is a residential area with apartments, villas and some townhouses.

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Al Barsha First

Total Area : 3.96 KM2

Density : 10152 Per KM2

Al Barsha First is a part of the Al Barsha community in Dubai. It has recently developed into a popular destination with a good mix of hotels, residential suites, commercial spaces, private villas and offices.

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Al Barsha South Fifth

Total Area : 2.95 KM2

Density : 2544 Per KM2

Al Barsha South Fifth is a part of the greater Al Barsha South community and is positioned properly in the heart of Dubai.

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Al Barsha South Fourth (JVC)

Total Area : 6.79 KM2

Density : 3877 Per KM2

Al Barsha South Forth is placed in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Being part of the Al Barsha community, it is close to the Visitor Palacio and Arjan.

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Al Barshaa South Second

Total Area : 4.77 KM2

Density : 1606 Per KM2

Comprised of residential apartments, townhouses and villas, Al Barsha South Second enjoys a prime position within Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Al Barshaa South Third

Total Area : 3.75 KM2

Density : 1872 Per KM2

Al Barsha South third is a sub-community in Al Barsha South. It is surrounded by other popular residential districts such as Al Barsha South 2, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) and Motor City.

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Al Goze Fourth

Total Area : 2.23 KM2

Density : 10494 Per KM2

Al Goze Fourth is a residential community located within Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Al Goze Second

Total Area : 5.33 KM2

Density : 1004 Per KM2

Al Goze second is located within Dubai and is also home to the most luxurious accommodations, it offers something truly extraordinary in the form of a privileged lifestyle.

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Al Habtoor City

Total Area : 0.00 KM2

Density : 0 Per KM2

Al Habtoor City is a nine-hectare residential, hospitality and leisure complex along the Dubai Water Canal.

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Al Hebiah Fifth

Total Area : 8.09 KM2

Density : 1223 Per KM2

Al Hebiah Fifth's convenient location makes it a popular residential community in Dubai. This unique place has been designed for eco-friendly development driven by extensive landscaping and eco-friendly policies.

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Al Hebiah First

Total Area : 4.17 KM2

Density : 2582 Per KM2

Al Hebiah First is a residential neighbourhood that finds a suitable location in the heart of Dubai.

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Al Hebiah Fourth

Total Area : 9.15 KM2

Density : 2285 Per KM2

Al Hebiah Fourth's major location within Dubai is all set to benefit residents and visitors alike. It is a premium residential community that is equally popular with both locals as well as ex-pats.

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