Al Hebiah Fourth


9.15 KM2


2285.90 KM2


20916 KM2

About Al Hebiah Fourth

Al Hebiah Fourth's major location within Dubai is all set to benefit residents and visitors alike. It is a premium residential community that is equally popular with both locals as well as ex-pats. Surrounded by lush grassland parks and offering awe-inspiring views, the residential complexes are designed to suit everyone's personal preferences. The facilities and amenities provided are exclusively incorporated for the benefit of the residents.

The initiative aims to address the concerns of all by providing access to retail stores and multi-cuisine restaurants. Retail outlets, dining spaces, fitness centres and healthcare - everything is close to residential complexes. With affordable accommodation in a family-friendly environment where urban amenities including schools, colleges, health care, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets etc. are within the reach and modern residential apartments make for a wonderful place to live peacefully in Dubai. With security and other added incentives, the community is ready to live up to everyone's expectations.

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