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Status New Launch
  • Property Type: Apartment
  • Bedroom: Studio 1 & 2 Bedroom
  • Size: 394.91 to 950.76 SQ FT
  • DownPayment: 10%
  • Payment Plan: 50/50 Plan
  • Handover: Q3 - 2019


Azizi Development proudly announces a new BERTON Residential unit in Al Furjan. Berton Apartments consist of 7 Floors; they are home to 245 superior residential units that includes 191 studio apartments, 40 one bedroom apartments and 14 two bedroom apartments. The unique feature of these properties includes studio that can be smartly partitioned and turned into 1 bedroom apartments.

Azizi Berton’s residential units have been designed with the client in mind. Through ceiling-to-floor glass windows and smart spacing, the units are armed with serenity and convenience. Ideal for stay-at-home parents as well as thriving workers and active students, the housing complex is as relaxing as it is exciting.

Seeking to offer residents and potential clients quality constructions and superior living spaces, Azizi Berton is a reflection of elegance and nature. With a muted color palette and earthy tones, the residential development has a light quality to it that makes for a higher sense of serenity and convenience.  

Feature & Amenities

A perfect answer to the urban, swift and hard-hitting lifestyle of Dubai’s vibrant communities, Azizi Berton features intricate interior finishing and marvelous décor. The units can be furnished upon request and highlight a contemporary aesthetic and a conveniently luxurious character.

In similar fashion to Azizi Development’s most famed projects, Azizi Berton’s apartments and studios are designed to feature generous counter space, intricate marble flooring and graceful wall and ceiling décor. Following the European example, the units embody masterful craftsmanship and elegant interior artistry.


Payment Plan

The payment plan for AZIZI Berton will be 50% during construction and 50% during handover. 
Book the unit with 1% of the property value. 
  • Pay the 1st installment with 9%+4% (Oqood) in 7 days of booking the unit. 
  • Remaining Installment is 40% during the construction with 3 months gap in between each 10%. 
  • Discount scheme is a limited offer and valid up to Saturday (17th June 2017).


10%+4% Payment Plan - 3 Months Gap Plan
Installment % Date
Down Payment1% On Booking
1st Installment 9%+4%7th Day
2nd Installment 10%3rd Month
3rd Installment10%6th Month
4th Installment10%9th Month
5th Installment10%12th Month
6th Installment50%Handover
20%+4% Payment Plan - 6 Months Gap Plan
Installment % Date
Down Payment1% On Booking
1st Installment19%+4%7th Day
2nd Installment10%6th Month
3rd Installment10%9th Month
4th Installment10%12th Month
5th Installment50%Handover
30%+4% Payment Plan - 9 Months Gap Plan
Installment % Date
Down Payment1%On Booking
1st Installment29%+4%7th Day
2nd Installment10%9th Month
3rd Installment10%12th Month
4th Installment50%Handover
40%+4% Payment Plan 12 Months Gap Plan
Installment %Date
Down Payment1%On Booking
1st Installment39%+4%7th Day
2nd Installment10%12th Month
3rd Installment50%Handover
50%+4% Payment Plan 12 Months Gap until Handover
Down Payment1%On Booking
1st Installment49%+4%7th Day
2nd Installment50%Handover

Discount Scheme 

10%+4%(Oqood) Upfront   - 0% Discount 
20%+4%(Oqood) Upfront   - 2% Discount on listed Property Value 
30%+4%(Oqood) Upfront   - 3% Discount on listed Property Value 
40%+4%(Oqood) Upfront   - 4% Discount on listed Property Value 
50%+4%(Oqood) Upfront   - 5% Discount on listed Property Value 


Location Map

Location & Connectivity

They are closely location to one another and enjoy proximity to landmark locations like the IBN Battuta Mall, Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Golf Estates all connected by Dubai Metro.

Master Plan

Developments & Neighborhoods

Al Furjan is a residential property development near Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates. The Al Furjan development comprises of four specific villages: North, South, East and West, that will share the same streetscape designs, a network of pathways and access to amenities.


Floor Plan

Floor Plan  Property Type
1Bedroom-T1-F2-6 1Bedroom-T1-F2-6
1Bedroom-T2-F2-7 1Bedroom-T2-F2-7
1Bedroom-T3-F1_7 1Bedroom-T3-F1_7