Creek Edge Waterfront Villas - Payment Plan

Payment Plan

In terms of the payment plan, Creek Edge Waterfront Villas comes with an attractive and easy payment option for the home buyers, looking to invest in the desired location of Dubai Creek Harbour. One can also have a 5% down-payment option at the time of purchasing property with 2 years post-handover payment plan.

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Get 50% DLD Fee Waiver
2 Years Post-Completion Payment Plan

Attractive 60/40 Post-Handover Payment Plan

Installments Payment (%) Milestones
Down Payment5%Purchase Date
1st Installment5%Within 30 days from purchase date
2nd Installment5%Within 90 days from purchase date
3rd to 10th Installment40%Within 35 months (5% / 4 months) from purchase date
11th Installment5%On Handover
Final Installment40%Within 24 months (5% / 3 months) from handover