Indigo Beach Residence Summary

By Eagle Hills   |     Maryam Island

AED 380,888

Apartment: Studios, 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms
Size: 322 to 1,914 Sq Ft
DownPayment: 10%
Payment Plan: 20/80
Handover: Dec - 2020

Indigo Beach Residence Overview

Indigo Beach Residence the Prestigious development by Eagle Hills offering Studios, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments located in the Maryam Island, Sharjah, UAE. The residential building is located along the main boulevard of Maryam Island, Sharjah's most prestigious waterfront address.

The development comes in the fourth in a residential building in the Maryam Island, a premium beachfront located in the Downtown, Sharjah overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Though the building is located within walking distance from the beach and offers easy access to a wide range of leisure activities within the Island.

This urban residence introduces an intelligent blend of facilities and amenities that brings out the best in waterfront community living right in the heart of Sharjah while keeping an eye on the current needs of the citizen, residents and visitors seeking a comfortable space for leisure in the Emirates.

This master-planned project draws the latest technologies to build an integrated lifestyle community that energies and diversify the local economy. While set in its fastest-growing country for business and leisure unrivalled retail options, excellent restaurants, attention-grabbing events, renowned hospitality and a unique culture making a truly world-class destination.

Feature & Amenities

Indigo Beach Residence by Eagle Hills is crafted with all the luxurious amenities to provide a leisure lifestyle experience in the beautiful sea beaches. One can find inner peace at its natural beauty of the beach and the natural land areas. The residents can find all the amenities from swimming pool to the gymnasium to a luxurious spa, retail outlets to shopping malls.
  • Beach access 
  • Resorts and Luxurious Spa
  • Ample Parking Spaces 
  • Retail Outlets 
  • Souq
  • Premium Luxury Hotel 
  • Uninterrupted sea views 
  • Waterfront food and beverage outlets 
  • 24*7 hours of Maintenance service 


Payment Plan

Indigo Beach Residence by Eagle Hills provides very attractive an elegant payment plan for home buyers looking to invest in the Maryam Island. A better chance to invest in the beautiful sand beaches homes with 10% down-payment payable at the time of purchasing property and with multiple payment plan options.

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TypeDuring ConstructionOn Handover
1 Bedroom25%75%
2/3 Bedrooms20%80%

Option 1: 20/80 Payment Plan

InstallmentsPayment (%)Milestones
Down Payment10%Purchase Date
1st Installment5%Within 5 months from purchase date
2nd Installment5%Within 11 months from purchase date
Final Installment80%On Completion (Dec 2020)

Option 2: 50/50 Payment Plan

InstallmentsPayment (%)Milestones
Down Payment10%Purchase Date
1st Installment10%Within 3 months from purchase date
2nd Installment10%Within 6 months from purchase date
3rd Installment10%Within 9 months from purchase date
4th Installment10%Within 12 months from purchase date
Final Installment50%On Completion (Dec 2020)


Location Map

Location & Connectivity

Indigo Beach Residence by Eagle Hills is located Maryam Island, Sharjah overlooking the Arabian Sea with a waterfront plot with easy access to the whole Emirates of Sharjah as well as the neighbourhood locations. It brings together the leading talent in the industry that combines the best of cultural, taste and aesthetics.

It is the latest development destination of Sharjah, the first waterfront development destination of its kind in the Emirates. The Development is nestled in the heart of Sharjah, with various retail outlets and dining options. The residents can find a lot of opportunity from five-star hotels to beverage outlets, Souq and various facilities from Spa to a fitness club, swimming pool to kids play area.

Nearby Location 
  • Expo Centre Sharjah 
  • Dubai Airport 
  • Sharjah University 
  • Sharjah International Airport 
  • Burj Khalifa

Master Plan

Developments & Neighborhoods

Indigo Beach Residence by Eagle Hills is a Master Development is boasted with commanding stunning views, representing stunning views of a microcosm of luxury and adventures activities within a world-class integrated community. With its utmost privacy, the residential spaces offer buyers, visitors and tenant a relaxing promenade and wealthy upscale amenities.

The Community offers luxurious property that offers the best in hospitality aspect intends with promises to provide ultimate leisure and lifestyle destinations with a range of amenities and gastronomically offering. The Place provides a natural beauty hideaway at its heart.

It provides beach access with its magical sunset views whereas its 900-meter promenade provides wonderful entertainment amenities with its culinary options.


Floor Plan

Floor Plan  Property Type
1 Bedroom  Type 1B-3M, Size 696 Sq Ft 1 Bedroom Type 1B-3M, Size 696 Sq Ft
1 Bedroom Type 1A-1, Size 706 Sq Ft 1 Bedroom Type 1A-1, Size 706 Sq Ft
1 Bedroom Type 1A-1M, Size 706 Sq Ft 1 Bedroom Type 1A-1M, Size 706 Sq Ft

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