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Maimoon Gardens - Payment Plan

Maimoon Gardens offers easy 60/40 post handover payment installments options and methods make it easy for users to book their units on the premium site. You can fill out the form and contact our executive to discuss more about the topic and let the search begin.

Tower A: Attractive 3 Years Post-Handover Payment Plan

InstallmentPayment (%)Milestone
Down Payment15%On Booking Date
1st Installment6%Within 2 months from booking date
2nd to 11th Installment10%Within 12 months (1% monthly) from booking date
12th Installment6%Within 13 months from booking date
13th to 23th Installment11%Within 24 months (1% monthly) from booking date
24th Installment6%Within 25 months from booking date
25th to 29th Installment5%Within 30 months (1% monthly) from booking date
30th Installment1%On Handover
Post Handover5%Within 30 days from handover
Post Handover35%Within 36 months (1% monthly) from handover

Tower B: Sales Offer Post Handover Payment Plan - 3 Bedroom

Down Payment15%On Booking Date
1st to 2nd Installment2%Within 2 months (1% monthly) from booking date
3rd Installment8%Within 3 months from booking date
4th to 14th Installment11%Within 14 months (1% monthly)  from booking date
15th Installment8%Within 15 months from booking date
16th to 20th Installment5%Within 20 months (1% monthly) from booking date
21st Installment1%On Handover
Post-Handover10%Within 1 months from handover date
Post-Handover40%Within 41 months from handover date