Meraas Bluewaters Building 5 - Location Plan

To put your mind at ease, Bluewaters Residences Building 5 is strategically located within the Bluewaters Island in Dubai. Due to its prime position, this new development is a few distances away from Dubai Marina and Abu Dhabi.

As a matter of fact, the island is further connected to the mainland by a direct rod link from Sheikh Zayed Road. The island further operates Group Rapid Transport Service, thus allowing passengers to get a first-hand taste of driverless vehicles.

Nearby Key Location

  • Dubai Marina- 7 minutes
  • 20 minutes – Downtown Dubai
  • 30 minutes- Al Maktoum International Airport
  • 30 minutes- Dubai International Airport
  • 45 minutes- Abu Dhabi Airport

Major Attractions From Meraas Bluewaters Building 5

Burj Khalifa Burj Khalifa : 18.2 KM
Deira Twin Towers Deira Twin Towers : 25.16 KM
Dubai Marina Dubai Marina : 2.27 KM
Dubai Creek Harbour Dubai Creek Harbour : 24.65 KM
Al Maktoum International Airport Al Maktoum International Airport : 20.55 KM