The Terraces - Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The Terraces provides an exclusive opportunity for the residents, as one can personalize their own homes with unique high-quality accents choosing from the two distinct interior design style. Moreover, residents can choose from its 1, 2- & 3-bedroom apartments as well as 2-bedroom Duplex and 3-bedroom Penthouse with its luxurious high in and out fittings. 

Minimalist Modern- One type of style with a focus on the streamline spaces from one room to another, uncluttered by ornaments and pointless frippery. With its panoramic windows and affording gallery views, The Terraces offer a sense of space with every design that provides a luxurious home experience to its residents. 

Grungy Urban- This type of development reflects a metropolitan feeling within a glorious cityscape. Its textured brick wall finishing and industrial ascents create a trendy ambience for the residents with its privacy and seclusion.