Al Hebiah Second


3.26 KM2


474.23 KM2


1546 KM2

About Al Hebiah Second

Al Hebiah Second enjoys a suitable location in Dubai which makes it a perfect destination for working professionals and those with small families. Featuring villas and residential apartments, the community is blessed with all the top amenities and facilities. This popular and bright residential community boasts a luxury lifestyle with attractive shoppers, dining and entertainment options. Affordable rentals, plenty of shopping opportunities and loads of leisure options are something that residents can enjoy any time of the day.

A well-managed public transport network keeps the area connected to the rest of the city. It boasts of a lavish lifestyle supported by entertainment venues, leisure activities, health care facilities, schools, offices, eateries and markets. This residential district is fast emerging to offer luxurious accommodation options paired with top-notch amenities. Due to its strategic location, the community is easily accessible and close to some popular destinations.

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